The City of SKIKDA

Skikda region    

           Territory and coastline (extends over 413 768 Km2 and 130 Km of coast) , the central position of the skikda superlittoral wilaya of Eastern Algeria, its port function and its economic role (industrial zone, one of the most important of the North-East of Algeria) gives it a privileged place in the urban frame. It includes more than 800 000 inhabitants.

           Through an efficient communications network both by sea (Port Authority of Skikda), road or ferroviaire.Skikda is a major shipping portal for many wilayas including that of Constantine. Strongly influenced by it (humans fax reports, soci-economic and administrative) the wilaya of Skikda is also related to another city, Annaba.



The city was called Rusicade in Roman times, a Phoenician name that would mean "Cap des Cigales" or promontories of fire, "Rus and Ucadh" in Punic or "Raas el Wakad" in Arabic a probable allusion to the existence of a lighthouse on one of its promontories sleeping on the golf of stora the ancient Numidian sinus.

  An exceptional environment

  in addition to the variety of weather conditions and natural sets, bordered by Collo mountains to the west, the Saf-Saf Valley in the center, To the east coastal full, the Skikda has a naturelremarquable and diverse heritage.The beaches represent 20% of its territory.                                                                            

Sites in Skikda to wander, relax, stroll:
                                                                                                                                                                           The cornice of Stora


  Former Phoenician and then Roman counter, fishing port and marina, sandy beaches and various seaside infrastructures. The cornice of Stora offers walkers on three (03) Km a breathtaking view of the sea and the horizon.

You can also admire the ancient refuge of the Phoenician galleys, the island of Serigina, not far from the coast and the imposing lighthouse that stands there, old landmark for the old boats of history in search of berthing .


Serigina Island

Existence in the region of Azzaba (east of the Wilaya) of two hot springs therapeutic confirmed.

Beaches of fine sand as far as the eye can see, for 10 km up to the Mount Fil-Fila, from where we can admire the sunsets on summer evenings.

LA MARSA seaside resort located 65 km east of the Wilaya, with its beaches of rare beauty, has a fishing port and marina and a diversity of flora and fauna proliferating with the a vast wetland composed of rivers and lakes favorable to the development of scientific tourism, fishing, hunting, sports.

SOURCES THERMAL Existence in the region of Azzaba (east of the Wilaya) of two hot springs therapeutic confirmed.

Cultural infrastructures

The Roman amphitheater, built in the 3rd century of the Christian era, is located in the very center of Skikda city images (adjacent to the En-Nahda girls' high school). Its capacity is greater than that of the amphitheatres of Guelma and Timgad.images
    Skikda was one of the cities to have six (06) theaters since the 1930s: the Empire, Eden, Rivoli, Realto, The Coliseum and the Regent.

    - The municipal theater is similar in style, in some aspects   

    - Baroque and constitutes one of the curiosities of the city.    

    - Houses of culture including that of Aissat Idir, Haussmann style, and municipal libraries.

Cultural Events:
     - Strawberry Festival: an annual event held in May to celebrate one of the specialties of the region.
     - Folk dances, fantasias.
     - Bake and craft competitions are held on this occasion.
     - Theater Festival: skikda city welcomes fans and theater creators every summer
     - Islamic Song Festival.
     - Festival of Andalusian song.