University Residences

The Directorate of University Works of the Wilaya of Skikda was created following decree n °: 109 dated December 22nd, 2004 and includes the following university residences:

- The university residence "the Bouhadja brothers": 500 beds.

- El Hadaeik University Residence I: 2000 beds.

- The El Hadaeik II University Residence: 1000 beds.

- El Hadaeik III University Residence: 1000 beds.

- The student residence El Hadaeik IV: 2000 beds.

- El Hadaeik V student residence: 3000 beds.

- Azzaba I University Residence: 500 beds.

- Azzaba II University Residence: 500 beds.

  Each university residence has an infirmary devoted to preventive medicine. An ambulance is available to each infirmary.