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Intitulé Auteurs




 Nanotechnology and our Clean Energy Challenge:

A New Breakthrough in PV


Dr. Idriss Bedja



Advanced Signal Processing Techniques for Fault Diagnosis of Electromechanical Systems


 Mohamed Benbouzid



Multiresolution Analysis: Theory and


 Prof. Dr. Abdeldjalil OUAHABI

 Modelling of diverse mechanical and electric losses in vehicles.


 Alex P. M. Van den Bossche

 New Trends in Industrial and Medical Robotics


 Dr Mohamed BOURI
ICEE2014-06  Recent Contributions in Polar Axis Solar Tracking  John T. Agee




Using Numerical Inverse laplace for optimising the current control in grid coupled inverters

 -Jean Marie Vianney Bikorimana

-Alex van den Bossche



Analytical calculation of the Interactions between 

two Cylinder Shaped Magnets


Hicham Allag




Semi-Analytical method for partial self and mutual inductances calculation between conductors of circular cross section for considering proximity and skin effects


-Assma Azzouza

- Hicham Allag




Analytical calculation of permanent Magnet Systémes:International Energy and coil Interaction

 -Mohamed Aissaoui

-Hicham Allag

  - Jean Paul    Yonnet



The Intelligent control of speed Wind based on DFIG generator of grid integration stadies



  - M.Hamouda


                   Diagnosisof multicel converter


 -Adjissi Nabila

 -Sait Belkacem



 Accelerating the frequency domain response calculation of horizontal groundiring electrode

MBPE technique

- T.Rouibah



-Kamel Kerroum

 ICEE2014-14 Data Acquisition of a photovolaic pumping system


-A.Hadj Arab

 ICEE2014-15 Modeling and Analysis of seven-phase Induction Motor Fed by Muti-level Inverters in the normal and degraded mode







 Caracterization of charging systems for Electrets








 Elaboration of TIN disulfide thin films with ultrasonic spray technique for their application in solar cells






 ICEE2014-18 Applied Input Output feed back linearization control an induction motor





 ICEE2014-19  A multi-output boost converter(MOB)controlled by fuzzy logic technique supplied by a photovoltaic system with grid-connected and fed by three level inverter

 -Tarek Boutabba

-Said Drid

-Mohamed Benbouzid

 ICEE2014-20  Commande d'une Articulation Robotique par mode glissant du deuxiéme ordre

 -Ali Medjbouri*

-Lamine Mehenneoui**

 ICEE2014-21 Synthesis and charterization of nanocoposite hybrid obtained by in situ polymerization oxidative of aniline with zno nanoparticle     -Imane Radja

    -Abdlghani        Benyoucef                     


 Field -oriented-control of a doubly fed induction generation using the PI and RST controllers


    - F.Arama*1

    - B.Mazari*2






Design of a hand prosthesis based on a force sensor control

 -Imen Dghboudj1

 -Abdelouaheb Zaatri2

-Brahim Boutamina1


Modeling and search of global power peak under partial shading conditions on PV array

 -saad Saoud M.abbassi

-HA.Kermiche S

-Boudichiche B

 ICEE2014-25  Adaptive Fuzzy sliding mode control

 - T.Amieur






 Modeling and experiments on the I-V characteristic of n-Si/In-SnO2/ Au Schottky Diode


   -M.Benhliliba -MS.Aida2



 ICEE2014-27  Novel Direct torque and reactive power control of variable wind speed turbine based on grid connected doubly fed induction generator

 -salah Tamalouzt

 -Toufik Rekioua

 -rachid Abdessemed

ICEE2014-28 Microstructure and optical propertiesof thin films ZnO-Ag obtained by thermalevaporation



ICEE2014-29  GPV/Battery Micogrid Energy Management





ICEE2014-30 Improvement of small crack detection performance using Eddy current NDT technique

  -Mohamed chebout

  -Mohamed Rachid Mekideche

  -Hichem Allag


Design and comparative stady of induction motor squirrel cage of medium power







 Improvement of small crack detection performance using eddy current NDT technique

 -Mohamed chebout

-Mohamed rachid Mekideche

-Hicham Allag

ICEE2014-33 power Control over a wide range speed of a wind turbine connected to the grid




ICEE2014-34 K-Means clustering Algorithm for classification of ball beasing faults

 -Abla Bouguerne

-Abdesselam lebaroud

-Aziz Boukadoum


 Optimization and sensitivity of pv Diesel hybrid system for industrial plant



























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